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Recording, Production and Mixing 

Make use of the superb facilities on offer for a full recording and mixing experience. We have great instruments and hardware to record with and a passion to strive for the best in every recording.


Stem Mastering

Send us your stems from home productions or music recorded at another studio and we can finish off a mix by putting it through our fantastic analog hardware including Dangerous Music 2 Bus Plus summing unit. We can also warm up the stems through the SSL and Warm Audio ‘Neve’ and ‘API’ type preamps to give added vibe and character, something that can be lacking from digital “in-the-box” mixes.



If you require your mixes to compete with commercial releases, please get in touch and we can make this happen with mastering. Prices are per track.



For all of your radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations. Please get in touch. We have a very extensive microphone collection to suit different voices and requirements.

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Scoring and Song-Writing

We can provide music for films, plays, theatre, computer games and many other areas with traditional instruments and sound design. Please get in touch with your requirements!


Ableton Live Set Design

We can assist with getting your studio creations on the road through our experience with creating and designing Live sets. It can be a simple audio clip launching set all the way to midi and audio sets with automatic synth changes and integrating hardware synths and drum machines for the best of both worlds. Please get in touch for more information.


Custom Sample Packs

If you are looking for samples online but are struggling to find the right ones, we can provide them from our range of hardware synths and drum machines. As an example, multi samples of the Prophet 6 saw waves or booming RYTM kick drums, which can be tuned for your productions. Sample packs can be provided in EXS24 or Kontakt format if requested as well. Of course we can also provide multi-samples of percussion, guitar and piano.